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The SDP is a horizontal silo designed and manufactured by Metal-Mollet, mainly used to store all types of bulk products: cement, clinker, cereals, flour, phosphates, etc. It avoids the need to use cantilevered concrete retaining walls.
Unlike the classic retention systems using cantilevered concrete walls with an independent roof for protection, the SDP system integrates the structure of the roof and the retaining walls into a single solution.
This concept allows for lighter retaining walls, avoids the need for formwork, generates less stress on the foundations, and therefore reduces the execution time and cost.
Facility for unloading cement powder, with a capacity of 16,000 tonnes and located in Bordeaux Port (France).
The SDP construction system allows the entire silo to be recovered, apart from its foundations, avoiding the retaining walls being lost. With most other options these need to be demolished.
SDP - Silo Desmontable Portatil · Passeig de la Ribera, 117 · Canovelles (Barcelona) · T. +34 93 846 76 42